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To be married is a dream of every couple, to live a life happily ever after. This dream can be achieved with the first material step and that is marriage, however, before getting married, there are a lot of adjustments that should be done to be able to live happily ever after. Adjustments must be within you and your partner, living a life under one roof, sharing opinions and making collective decisions are not just a walk in the park for most couple. These are two individuals who have different opinions and take on life and it makes it very difficult for them to make those decisions as a couple because they have dissimilar likes and dislikes. Marriage have tremendous challenges for two persons trying to live a life of the same path and purpose. These and all other reasons have made marriages fell apart if not managed very well. Marriage counseling have become a mainstay in the pursuit of a happy marriage.  Read more great facts on Calgary Psychologist, click here. There are licensed marriage counselors who find ways to mend a broken marriage and hopefully achieve lasting balance for both persons to make the marriage last a lifetime. But what are the signs that your marriage is in trouble? Here are several ways that you can find for yourself, one is the question on communication. Have you been talking lately? Communication is the best and single item in the checklist that will signify a trouble brewing in the family. If the couple have not been talking to one another for a long time, they do not share the things that are happening to them, they do not appreciate each other, they stopped to cherish the accomplishment of one another, then something must be going on that needs to be addressed before all other signs of a troubled marriage come up. For more useful reference regarding marriage counselling Calgary, have a peek here.  If the couple are talking, are they talking in a negative manner all the time? Yes they maybe talking but most of the time they are judging one another, they are disagreeing with one another and the worst is that they keep on shouting at one another. Talking in the negative and not talking at all are two other reasons your marriage is in trouble. Other reasons you marriage is in trouble are when you start keeping secrets with one another, when you see your partner as an adversary and you just have the urge to disagree with all things that he or she says, when you contemplate on having an affair or find someone who can talk to and listen to your predicament or when you become distrustful to your partner especially with finances and